This is what Tulum feels like.

For the last few years, I sorta rolled my eyes when people gushed about Tulum. Now I’ve been there twice in two months. Just something about that place. Two weekends ago I was there swimming in a cave. This weekend I’m doing laundry, driving in traffic, and holding space for sick family members. Life is funny like that. The balance of yay and meh. But back to the cave. It was an underground river system called a cenote. A sacred place. Turns out cenotes are sink holes circling the crater created by the meteor that killed the dinosaurs. And because this was an exquisitely curated gathering, we reached the end of the cenote to find a guy playing a sitar surrounded by red candles. A. Freakin. Sitar. This was a “peak experience” to say the least. How do we then integrate back to our normal lives, with its obligations, rules, and general unsexiness? I used to start planning my next escape, asap. Now I’m finding balance in the obligations and rules. Finding sexy in little pleasures like hot coffee, fresh laundry, and good rest. I think perhaps that’s how we become warriors. Finding contentment no matter where we are, because at least it means we’re alive.

Shot and edited on an iPhone at @our_habitas. “Man in Nature” by Alan Watts.


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