Beneath the yellow and sagging moon…

By the sea / beneath the yellow and sagging moon

I’ll be there in a dress too short / that you’ll remove too soon

You’ll wear your suit of brown / and your hair of gold

I’ll meet your eyes directly / if I can be so bold

You’ll approach slowly / I’ll sense your cologne

I’ll have a doubt / know I should be alone

But instead I’ll flutter and flounce / pretend to be a vixen

But you know and I know / that’s just a pleasant fiction

Maybe you’ll be different / won’t be cruel / won’t be coy

And we can find  love together

just a girl, and a boy

These are lines I wrote in 2009 in a red notebook, in the middle of the night. Tonight I found the red notebook, it had fallen behind a dusty trunk. I wrote the poem about someone I was falling in love with. I miss that person and know we’ll probably never talk again because I screwed it all up. Mystery, mystery, matters of the heart.

4 thoughts on “Beneath the yellow and sagging moon…

  1. Such a lady! Incredible genes, plus taking care of herself to maintain optimum health has certainly paid off for Ruthe. LOVE LOVE LOVE


  2. Hey cuz, Thanks for reading and supporting, as always! I think you need to put the correct email into the subscribe box, it’s not something I can do on my end. Then you can unsubscribe the old email address. Let me know if that still doesn’t work! xx

  3. Hey, cousin,

    I look forward to reading your latest. I did want to correct something: apparently, I gave you my wrong e-mail address. is for my newsletters and such. I’d prefer you send directly to , my friends-and-family address, so I can read them immediately, instead of waiting until I remember to check the lmail.


    Cousin L

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