Stunning pix of Arctic surfers

Stunning pix of Arctic surfers…PIC BY CHRIS BURKARD / CATERS NEWS – (PICTURED: ALEK PARKER STANDS LOOKING AT THE NORTHERN LIGHTS ABOVE HOFN, ICELAND) – When it comes to surfing big waves these fearless daredevils really are treading on thin ice – by catching freezing waves in the ARCTIC. Surfers Dane Gudauskas and friends are more used to balmy than BARMY beach temperatures but these stunning images prove even they need to cool off once in a while. And what better way to do so than swapping the golden beaches of sunny California for monster waves in the ice-cold Arctic water with temperatures as low as just 2-3C. The breath-taking backdrop of the Arctic region is in stark contrast to the dangerously piercing cold water which could easily have caused pneumonia if they werent careful. After putting his wetsuit on, surfer Dane, 26, walked the ice-covered road to the beach through snow as high as his waist – all just to reach the waters edge. SEE CATERS COPY

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