Something hilarious that happened to me (that you might find horrifying) and the picture proof (that might shock you).

I recently went to Phish at the Hollywood Bowl. I’d seen the legendary jam band once before, last summer in Long Beach, and loved the mellow vibe, the loyal fans, and of course the lot party before the show where all the headiest kids gather in the falling twilight to smoke joints and be beautiful hippies. Flanked by my fave LA pals, the Bowl show was equally groovy. However, I didn’t have a proper dinner before the show, and was getting dangerously hangry by the time the lights went up. As we started schlepping out of the Bowl, I spotted a full, full, bucket of popcorn someone had left on the ground. Call me a hippie, call me gross, but you know what I did.

I picked up the popcorn and started eating it.

And it was goooood. Salty, crunchy, delicious. I ate the entire thing. And then, to my shock and horror, saw there was something on the bottom of the bucket. Had I been dosed?? It was a Phish show after all. Nooooooo! With dread, I reached in, and pulled out:


(look closely)

I know it’s creepy. I know it’s yucky. But it’s fucking funny! I don’t know if someone reached in and placed the card there, or it was put there by someone clever at the concession stand, but since I didn’t get sick, I greatly appreciated the hilarity of the situation. Especially because when I was a sophomore in college I used to carry a deck of male porn playing cards as a prank, leaving them on the bar for someone to find, tucking them into car doors. I dunno. Just a silly subversive prank. Couple of years later, looks like someone got me back. Summer shenanigans!

5 thoughts on “Something hilarious that happened to me (that you might find horrifying) and the picture proof (that might shock you).

  1. THIS, is amazing! Talk about coming back full circle. And hangry… brilliant! Why haven’t I thought of that word sooner?

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