Today was my mom’s birthday.

Today was my mom’s birthday, and I celebrated by going to the LACMA and checking out the special exhibit on female surrealists. It blew my damn mind. A wide range of artists’ work was on display, each piece more ingenious than the last. I was especially gobsmacked by the work of Remedios Varo, a Spanish-Mexican surrealist painter and anarchist. I’d never seen her work before, it’s beautiful and haunting, with very funny undertones. When I got home I was inspired to paint, and I finally finished one of the canvases I bought in 2010. But I’m too shy to post it, and anyway I made it as tribute to my mom. I miss you, mom. Happy brithday.

Check out these Remedios Varo paintings instead: the first one is of a women who has sat for so long she’s literally becoming the chair, the second is a woman either feeding stars to the moon or using the moon to make stars, I couldn’t tell which, can you?, and the third one is the creation of birds, spun from a violin and a star.

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