This is finishing a novel:

August 23, 2011  in apartment, kitty committee/colleagues Chairman Meow and King Alobar present

11:11pm….about to begin finishing my novel, tonight I will do it! Must do it! I’m wearing my orange old adidas shorts and a pink tank with elvis on it…elvis also on the mug I just poured coffee into, need him here with me tonight! so nervous to finish this novel right now…..familiar with the feeling of going toward finishing it, but not actually finishing it. having my ideas out in the world. yikes. Okay, okay. Go!

2:14am….writing going well, really well…I realize im moving really slow, savoring the end of this….listening to The National and a bit of Mozart…..very inspiring…just spent 20 minutes looking at these photos of glacier caves, I want to see those in real life!….i don’t really want to be done writing my novel! It’s been like a companion for 3+ years! had an email from beth just now she read the excerpt I sent her and she wrote me amazing email back that’s fueling my fire in this final stretch and I want to remember her words forever and I quote:

FUCK!! FUCK!! FUCK!!!! SOOOOO GOOOOODDDDDD!!! I want to read the whole novel!! Like, seriously, I would buy it and I would read it and I would laugh and cry and..ERIN!!! I can’t even tell you how friggin good it is!! I didn’t write many notes at the end because I just wanted to keep reading. I am so proud of you!! I am so excited!! I am crying right now because you’re doing it. You have written a novel. And not only that, but a good one. Each character is so rich and involved. Each moment keeps me captured. That inner voice that drives you insane has spilled out onto the pages making it real and vulnerable and truly beautiful. I understand this girl because I know this girl. She is every girl, every woman, me, you. I really, seriously can’t tell you how great it is. Thank you for sharing your bit o’ novel. I can’t wait for you to share it with the world.

So there’s at least one person who likes it…..


3:07am….no sleeping! JUST FINISHED THE MAIN TEXT I HAD LEFT!!! terrified to become bigger than myself….i so hold dear the normal people values from my reno life, terrified to become a successful asshole.


4:12am….it’s really good but I could see them wanting another 100 pages to fill out the story

4:57am…writing is rewriting



(until it’s time for draft eight)

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