The goods.

A good day for writing today! Woke up at 8am because still jet lagged, this was a MIRACLE, as I usually only see 8 if it’s in the pm. Went straight to writing, to fiddle around a bit, and “realized” that I’m the creator of this world, I am the typer of this document, and so I can make new documents at will! And so I separated out the last chapter of the book which has been giving me a world of trouble, made it it’s own document so I can focus on it solely, and was somehow thus freed to write like an avalanche. Suppose I’m guilty of being too precious with my writing. I guess it feels like it’s so tough to just get to the page and get words down that it’s heartbreaking to then wipe them out.

Also was good about keeping the laissez-faire attitude all day that you get when traveling. When I almost broke my neck slipping in the shower trying to “like” an Ike and Tina song on Pandora–no worries! When I took the wrong turn and sat in traffic an extra 15 minutes–look how blue the sky is! So, hooray for me. And now a blog post, to boot. And found out I’m going to the L.A. Folk Fest on Saturday, which shall commence in a junk yard on a ranch with busted cars and turkeys and llamas. Erin heaven!

Hooray for being home!

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