Quite the January

A blog posting in which I incorporate images and video.

In 2011 I have committed to dancing around my apartment for at least twenty minutes every day. My soundtrack tonight was as follows:

“Nothing Compares 2 U” -Sinead O’Conner

“Cocaine” -Eric Clapton

“Dreams” -The Cranberries

Recent events of note:

–I got the most amazing camera! A Canon Rebel T2i. I’m taking insanely gorgeous photos with my 50mm lens. Videos too. It’s my first DSLR, and I can’t believe such sophisticated technology is on the market. Keep scrolling for images from my new baby.

–Beth and I danced burlesque in Las Vegas this week. Yep. That happened. At the Palazzo, at club Lavo. It was very…spangly. Felt good to get my body in shape, felt silly backstage in my rhinestones, practicing my moves with the dishwashers walking by. Good experience to add to the life resume.

–Finished all the re-shoots and pick-ups shots for my short film today. We shot an American Beauty like dream sequence of my character Johnny getting showered with money. The DP Jimmy set up a fog machine and I danced around in a vintage costume, paper bills all around me. We also shot a scene of Beth’s character Priscilla getting flour dumped on her head. Fun stuff. Very, very fun.

–Took my grandma to PF Chang’s for dinner last night. As per usual, she was my favorite date. We got deep into conversation, our elbows touching on the table, our heads leaned in towards each other. Her 95 years old, me 26 years old. She’s my favorite human being.

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