So many parties, plenty of time.

I went to no less than four holiday parties last week, and two festive holiday dinners. I am quite pleased to report this, as last year I was invited to exactly zero holiday get-togethers of any kind. I’m filled with happiness to know in a year in Los Angeles I’ve made that many friends.

Highlights of the holiday festivities include:

–The holiday pub quiz at the Treehouse, the Burbank home of my friend Tedd and his equally funny/smart friends. The quiz included categories in basic knowledge of Christianity, holiday movies, and name that holiday song. Jared and I scored a 5 out of 25, but I swear it’s because of the distracting video on repeat of a guy dressed in sexy santa garb licking a candy cane. I’ll try to find the link and post it here. We took Petey (the dog) to the party and he was a big hit in his little Santa hat.

–Chatting with Eric and Stephen and Michelle at the UTA trainee party, at which I met not a single person who actually worked at UTA.

–Dinner with Berliner friends Lisa and Michael, who are the most interesting artistic funny cool friends ever. In L.A., I feel like you have to pursue friendships like you do dating, and I’m glad I kept after Lisa until we were going steady. 🙂

–Tea and cookies with my Uncle Jimmy and his friend/partner Marcus. They embody the true spirit of Christmas. They don’t have much, but they gave us a bag full of presents–a lot of little things, including an awesome coaster set of wooden cat faces from the thrift store, which Jimmy spruced up and added new felt pads to. Marcus made us little origami models of their miniature schnauzer, Maggie, and we also got matching light-up Santa hats! Their love and thoughtfulness was in every gift, and we ended the evening with a little mary-jane. Truly a great holiday get-together!

Now gearing up to head home to Reno/Tahoe/Gardnerville for Christmas, where there is tons of snow, should be good for a head change. Have to admit I’ve been taking time off from my various projects. Trying to spend the end of the year reflecting on all I accomplished, and get ready for revise mode next year. I’ve got a screenplay, novel, and short film to shape and sculpt and whip into shape, all in their second or third drafts. At least my brain will be in the same mode of editing rather than drafting. Just got back from showing the second rough cut of the short to the brothers Cox, my buddies from Animus who are going to compose an original score for the film. It’s always intimidating showing your work to people when it’s not in a polished form, and two of their friends who go to UC Santa Cruz and USC film school where there, but revising isn’t for sissies so I swallowed my nervous tendency to talk too much and just let it roll. Jim Beam on the rocks helped.

Dispatches from the homeland coming soon.


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