A trifecta of cool Los Angeles things

1) I started receiving the Sunday LA Times! I feel smart. I feel very grownup. I feel like the newspaper can’t be a dying medium because it’s sooooo cool. I even like getting the ink on my fingers. I’ve been known to press my whole face into the newspaper folds upon opening. Can’t get enough of that scent!

2) Point Break Live! Went and saw this last night, a complete reenactment of the wonderfully cheesy movie “Point Break.” They pick someone out of the audience to play Keanu’s role, and the cast throws water and fake blood and all manner of gross things out into the audience, but don’t worry, they sell ponchos. Very fun! http://www.pointbreaklive.com

3) Business of Being a Screenwriter! This was a class I went to on Saturday at UCLA. It was fun and interesting, we got to practice our pitches, and the best thing was the guest speakers, including Dan Jinks, one of the producers of “American Beauty,” one of the best screenplays and movies of all time, in my opinion. I asked a question of Sir Jinks, and managed to slip my pitch in there. All in good time.


  • The Farmer’s Market at The Grove. Golden Crisp apples!
  • I found a free parking space that works 9 times out of 10. But I’m not telling.
  • Went to Voyeur last night, it’s still alive and kicking and very, very sexy cool.
  • The beach in November! Freezing cold water, but worth it. Also Cha Cha Chicken and the guava cheesecake. Yumsworth.
  • Boo: Chairman Meow ate my phone charger.

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