Writing a novel DAY 5…

…things are starting to get interesting.

Yesterday when I did my writing at Solar Cafe on Cahuenga, I felt the usual “I don’t wanna, this is too hard!” And it IS hard! Especially since I’ve been writing screenplays for the last year, being back at prose feels like slogging uphill through mud on a windy day with 1,000 pounds of stones on my back.

But then, about 600 words in, interesting things started to happen. Suddenly, a receptionist appeared on the page, a receptionist who’s obsessed with soap operas. A boss came to life, named Mr. Chow. I didn’t intend to write about these people when I sat down, and the fact that they appeared out of nowhere, and I then had the power to dictate their fate made me feel like…God. Hehe.

Then I my order of sweet potato fries arrived, and I wasted a good 15 minutes munching away.

About to start today’s writing. Wish me luck.


Only at 655 words. This is dumb. This is too hard. I don’t know who these characters are or what they want. I hate having to make so many decisions. I make decisions all day, now I have to invent a whole world and decide who does what and goes where? Wah wah wah.


No, this is fun. I’ve decided this is fun. I’m trying to write about the protagonist’s mother, a major character and the central source of conflict in the story. This is cool. I get to make up everything about her, her past and her clothes and what she wants and what she’s afraid of. That’s pretty cool. Think I’m going to go eat a Butterfinger.


1,147 words down, 520 to go. I can do it. I can do it. Butterfinger stuck in my teeth. My “colleagues” are all present and accounted for…my cats Chairman Meow and King Alobar and my dog Peter. I just asked them what I should write my last 520 words about. They offered no solutions.


Just shy of reaching my daily 1,667 by a few hundred…but I gotta get to bed. I’m attending a panel at UCLA Extension bright and early  tomorrow about the screenwriting industry. Sleep!


One thought on “Writing a novel DAY 5…

  1. Love your Blog! Keep it up girlfriend, you can complete it! As my Grandma puts it you can do anything, not just everything.

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